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5 morning habits for a mindful start to your day

Busy is our nature, but even a boss babe needs a little routine to keep her feet on the ground. Cultivating healthy habits in your morning routine helps to set you up for a more mindful and productive day. It improves your mental wellbeing and grounds you in the here and now – the only place where life exists.

Uninterrupted time in the morning can be a luxury to some, but it doesn’t matter how much time you have – it’s how you use that time that counts. The most important part of your morning routine is the intention behind it. Even if you can only steal five minutes alone with yourself before the world starts demanding your attention, move through those minutes with the intention to feel more grounded.

Whatever the day throws your way, you can always bring yourself back to those first dreamy moments and find that sense of peace and contentment again. Trust us babe, you’ll never wake up on the wrong side of bed again.

One thing to remember when creating your morning routine is there’s no right or wrong way to start the day – there’s only your way.

Here are just some suggestions to get you started, but the fun part is finding out for yourself a routine that’s as unique as you:

1. Catch up on beauty sleep

To wake up feeling like a boss babe, first you need your beauty sleep. Screen time in the evening will rob you of precious moments the next morning, so make sure you add a digital detox to your downtime. Instead of binge watching and social media scrolling, make yourself a calming cup of tea and lose yourself in a good book, or stretch out with some bedtime yoga.

Using soothing essential oils can also help to release the stresses of the day, so you can wake up calm and clear-minded the next morning.

2. Hold the phone

When you reach for your phone as soon as you wake up, what do you see? Calls that need answering, emails that need replying to and a list of reminders to get stuff done. Your pretty head hasn’t even left the pillow and you’re already being bombarded with tasks that suddenly seem urgent. To wake up more mindfully, turn off your phone at night (or switch on airplane mode) then resist the urge to check it until you’re ready to start the day, your way. 

3. Wake up with gratitude

Take the first few moments of your morning to express some heart-felt gratitude. Lying in your warm bed with your hands on your heart, take a few deep, life-affirming breaths.

Think of one thing you’re grateful for, whether it’s the restful night’s sleep you just had, the sunlight pouring in through the window or a friend you recently spent some quality time with.

You can also keep a gratitude journal and jot down the things you’re thankful for before you go to sleep, and read them first thing in the morning for an instant pick-me-up. 

(Hey babe, keeping a journal will change your life. No, seriously, it will. Check out these journal prompts to get started on your journaling journey.)

4. Treat yourself to simple pleasures 

Show yourself some love in the morning by waking up to things that nourish your body and soul. It could be a candle you light at your bedside or a book of inspirational quotes that you read in bed.

Maybe you love to wrap yourself up in a cosy robe while you wait for a curl mask to work its magic on your curls.  Experiment with whatever rituals feel good for you. Giving yourself these little treats to look forward to in the morning will create a sense of groundedness that you can carry into the rest of your day.

5. Move your body 

Once you’re ready to rise, make some mindful movements to wake up your body. Listen to what your body is craving and honour your energy levels. You might just want to roll out of bed and flop onto your yoga mat for some gentle stretching. If you’re feeling full of energy, then get outside for a quick walk around the block. Dance in the shower, skip down to work – move and groove your way into the day in whatever way feels good to you. 

In our busy schedules, sometimes the morning is the only time we have to really check in with ourselves. When building your morning routine, keep things slow and simple. Remember that we’re all unique, and only you know what makes your soul come alive. Mix things up and try new things to see what gets you up and ready to face the day. Or if you're not a morning person, that's totally fine too! Check out our tips for establishing a curl-centric, relaxing evening ritual.

Do you have a morning routine? Share your favourite morning rituals in the comments below. x

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