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8 essential oils for curly hair

Have you ever walked into a spa and felt your body instantly relax at the scent of soothing eucalyptus? Or maybe you’ve drifted off to a dreamy night’s sleep after burning a lavender-scented candle… Babe, that’s the magic of essential oils – and we’re all about that magic.

What are essential oils?

They’re called ‘essential’ oils because they are the essence of the plant from which they are extracted. Most are made by steam-distilling or pressing the flowers, bark, leaves or fruit of a plant to release the fragrant compounds and bottle them up for therapeutic use.

For thousands of years, essential oils have been used in many traditions across the world to help balance the mind, body and spirit. Not only can they soothe physical symptoms such as muscle aches, congestion and minor wounds, essential oils can also settle our central nervous system when we’re feeling emotionally stressed or imbalanced. Using essential oils in this way is called aromatherapy – a holistic treatment that aims to improve overall wellbeing, with a focus on the emotional state.

How do essential oils work?

It’s not just a case of smelling something nice and feeling good – there’s some real science behind it. When you inhale the aroma of an essential oil, signals get fired off to your olfactory system, stimulating your brain to produce feel-good hormones (like serotonin and dopamine) and stabilising your mood as a result.

For the Holy Curls range, we’ve chosen an uplifting blend of sweet citrusy scents for your wash day bliss. Each of our products are bursting with eight essential oils to revive your curls, energise your mind and invigorate your senses. Here’s our magic blend and the benefits of each oil.

Sweet orange

Botanical name: Citrus sinensis

Aroma: Soft, sweet and citrusy 

Benefits: Refreshing, energising and uplifting, sweet orange oil is full of our favourite feel-good vibes. Just a quick whiff of its sweet fragrance will instantly boost your mood and ease anxiety. 


Botanical name: Artemisia pallens

Aroma: Sweet, warm and fruity

Benefits: Davana oil has an adaptive scent, meaning it smells differently from person to person as it reacts to your personal chemistry. It’s also said to promote clarity of mind and heighten your spiritual senses – amazing when used during meditation. 



Botanical name: 
Citrus aurantifolia 

Aroma: Strong, fresh and citrusy

Benefits: What’s more refreshing than a zesty squeeze of lime? A natural detoxifier, lime oil cleanses the body and invigorates the mind while reviving the senses.


Botanical name:
 Citrus bergamia


Aroma: Sweet and citrusy with soft floral hints and earthy undertones


Benefits: At first sharp and uplifting, then sweet and calming, there’s a delicious depth to this scent. Feeling frustrated? Mood swings driving you crazy? A whiff of bergamot oil will balance you out. It’s also said to have skin-cleansing properties too, so you’ll find its elegant scent in many luxury facial cleansers and shampoos (like our sulfate-free shampoo!). 





Botanical name: Citrus paradisi


Aroma: Sweet, sharp and citrusy


Benefits: The energising and uplifting aroma of this juicy oil is enough to put a spring in your step. Mood-boosting for those hormonal days and detoxifying for the body, it’s a joyful addition to your self-care routine. 


Mandarin Orange


Botanical name:
 Citrus nobilis

Aroma: Sweet, fresh and fruity

Benefits: Warming, soothing and comforting, sweet orange eases mental fatigue and uplifts your spirit. Rich in nutrients and antioxidants, this bittersweet oil promotes the growth of new skin cells, stimulates blood circulation and brightens complexion. 


Botanical name:
 Zingiber officinale

Aroma: Warm, rich and spicy

Benefits: Invigorating for the mind and warming for the body, ginger is a tonic for all sorts of ailments. It soothes tired and aching muscles, boosts circulation and relieves feelings of nausea.


Botanical name:
 Citrus limonum

Aroma: Sweet, crisp and zesty

Benefits: Energising for the mind and purifying for the body, lemon essential oil is like bottled sunshine. It boosts your skin, mood and immune system, so it would make a cheerful addition to your morning routine.

Now you’ve discovered the juicy world of essential oils, explore our range of natural curly hair products to feel the mood-boosting benefits for yourself.

You can really go to town with essential oils, but remember they are very potent! There are a few precautions you should take before using them. Check out this guide by Tisserand for some tips on using essential oils safely.


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