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Lovely Set!

YAY! I'm getting my natural curl back! Many thanks to this set.
It comes in such cute packaging making it highly giftable for someone special.
The product itself is working great for me, having everything in one kit it so much easier than having to pick out all different products from a store.
One tidy set is perfect.
My hair is looking healthier, shinier, and most of all getting it's natural curl back, which after many a year of bleaching, I thought I'd lost it for good, I can't fault this kit whatsoever, I'm loving using it, and the scent is divine, highly recommend!

Lovely Smell

The shampoo smelt really lovely & only needed a very small amount, as it lathered up very well! The conditioner also made my hair soft and had a nice scent, but had a slightly thinner texture than most other conditioners, so more was needed to cover my hair. Together, they did encourage my hair to maintain the shape of the curls after drying.
The gel & cream made my hair feel quite sticky after use, although they did hold the curls more so than without use. It was difficult to cover all my hair without using too much, which caused sections to appear darker than others.

High quality product

This is a set of 4 hair care products from 'Holy Curls.'

The products in the set are a shampoo, conditioner, gel and a moisture cream.

It is sold as the 'Discovery Kit' and is £38 for all 4 items, which comes nicely boxed, so it is giftable.

Each bottle is 100ml - if you purchase the products individually, they are 300ml bottles for £24 - so this is a more affordable way of trying them all at once.

They seem quite a luxury brand to use, nice products in nice but simple packaging. The branding message is a little odd, calling us 'babe' but it's a modern take in a friendly form.

Overall, I really like the products- I would recommend them.

Smells like oranges and leaves my hair feeling light

Each bottle mostly smells the same, with the fourth bottle, the gel, smelling the strongest. The scents I would describe as slight variations of orange. After my hair had dried, there was a subtle aroma left, that I could only describe as orange peel that had been left out for a couple of days. That said, I really had to bury my nose in the strands to pick this up. Usually, during the hair wash, I lose a lot of hair, but on this occasion, hardly anything came out. That could have been due to the hair phase, but this rarely makes a difference anyway.

As for the application, the shampoo felt silky and I overestimated how much needed to be used. As a result, I ended up with a massive bulk of soapiness. Therefore, even though the bottles are small, I used hardly anything. Washing it out was easy and my hair was left feeling clean. On to the conditioner, it says to apply and leave it for fifteen minutes. Again, I was more reserved on the amount that I used and in fact, didn't need a lot. It went through the strands well and found this too washed out well. I also used it on my mum's hair who is curlier than I am, and I noticed this was the point when the waves started to form. Afterwards, I squeezed the hair out, but left it very wet and applied the cream. This defined the waves and held them well.


Smell lovely - my daughter tried on her very curly hair. She was happy with the results and found everything easy to use.

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