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The ultimate evening rituals for naturally curly hair

The daily grind comes with its share of environmental stresses like heat, pollution, and wind that affect your hair, which strengthens the case for giving your curls some TLC each night (or whenever you have a spare moment!). So, let's walk you through some of our fave evening hair rituals for curly hair:

1. Dip into that special hair oil

Your nighttime routine is a crucial part of maintaining healthy, beautiful curls. So it pays to invest in a bomb hair oil, babe. When you’re starting to wind down, light a few of your fave candles and brew a pot of caffeine-free tea, then lovingly take to your curls with an oil serum. Of course, we recommend the 06 Oil Serum, a grease-free, all-natural product enriched with jojoba oil, rosemary seed oil, and marula oil — all the good stuff!

If it’s wash day, add a few drops to dripping wet hair and work it right through, but if you’re looking to refresh, pump a few drops on your hands and apply this to your individual curls. The oil serum will ensure your curls get the nourishment they need after a long day (oh, and all without adding any grease!).

2. Get yourself a silky soft pillowcase or sleep cap

Your hair is a living thing. Isn’t that a beautiful thing to remind ourselves of? As it lives, it calls for daily nourishment and care, just like we do. So, when you finally settle in for the evening, treat your hair to an ultra-soft silk pillowcase (you deserve it, babe). A great pillowcase will help ensure that your curls don't get tangled or dry out overnight.

You could even try using a silky sleep cap, which will work to reduce friction between your hair and pillow, keep your curls intact while you sleep, and prevent any morning frizz when you wake up, ready to start your day anew!

3. Try the pineapple method 

To keep those pretty curls intact and prevent them from getting flattened while you catch some zzz, try sleeping with your hair in a loose bun or in a “pineapple” on top of your head. This should look like all your beautiful curls are sitting in a pile at the top. We recommend using a silk or satin scrunchie to fix them in place, as this gives the most gentle hold. This clever little trick will help to keep your curls in place and prevent them from getting squished throughout the night.

So there you have it, babe — our tried and tested evening rituals for curly hair! By welcoming some of these into your nightly routine, you can wake up with gorgeous, bouncy curls each and every morning. For more evening curl care tips, check out our video featuring tips and tricks. x

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