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How to welcome mindfulness into your routine

How many moments a day are you really present? Right now, where is your focus? Is it on these words, or is your mind wandering into an unknown future, or dwelling on the past?

In today’s high-speed world, our attention is constantly being pulled away from the present moment. We get caught up in everyday stresses, we feel overwhelmed with information and we work to the brink of burnout. And babe, burnout is never pretty. The best way to avoid burnout? Practice mindfulness, self-care, and ground yourself in the present moment.

What is mindfulness?

Practising mindfulness lightens the mind and the spirit. It is meditation in its most simple form; focusing your full attention on the inflow and outflow of your breath. Observing the thoughts that pass across your mind without judgement or attachment, like watching clouds passing in the sky. Except, you don’t have to be sitting down, cross-legged in silence to do this meditation. The beauty of mindfulness is that you can practise it at any time in the day, wherever you are. 

Whether you’re washing the dishes or walking to work, if you bring your attention to your breath, become aware of what’s going on around you and fully feel into the present moment, then you can make any task a mindful activity. If you keep practising mindfulness, you’ll start to feel joy even in the most mundane tasks. You’ll begin to see more in the world around you, you’ll feel more deeply connected in your relationships and you’ll be more in touch with your intuition. Doesn’t that sound great, babe?

So, no more dwelling on the past, worrying about the future or sleepwalking through your day on autopilot. Make mindfulness part of your daily routine using the exercises below and step into the present moment. You can even give journalling a try! We would highly recommend it. 

Wake up with gratitude

Mindfulness begins as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Waking up and grounding yourself in the present moment will set the tone for the rest of your day. So, before you reach for your phone or start to go over your to-do list in your head, take the first few moments of your morning to express some heart-felt gratitude. 

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