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300ML For babes who want clean curls without compromising on moisture. Made with natural ingredients like baobab oil, coconut oil, cupuaçu butter and yucca plant extract. Totally plant derived and never tested on bunnies.
Sulphate free
Cruelty free
100% vegan

Baobab oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit that blooms on the trees and is an amazing hair conditioner. It absorbs quickly and leaves the hair feeling soft and moisturised. Rich in nutrients containing all three omega fatty acids: omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as some rare fatty acids and a host of vitamins. They don’t call it the Tree of Life for nothing.


This Amazonian superfruit is one of nature’s most powerful moisturisers. The butter is pressed from the seeds of the tree and is a close relative of Cocoa butter. It keeps things smooth and soft by locking in moisture while promoting a healthy shine.

Coconut oil

Extracted from the kernel of matured coconut with emollient and moisturising properties. Keeps your hair soft and shiny. Keeps your skin on point too.

Aloe vera leaf gel

This amazing plant promotes shine and moisture in hair while preventing hair loss and dandruff.

Yucca Extract

Concentrated natural extract of the Mohave Yucca Plant. It is an emollient that contains natural saponins which can be used as a natural cleanser. It soothes and nourishes the scalp and some say it cures dandruff and promotes hair growth.

Essential oils

Fragranced with Sweet orange, Davana, Lime, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin Orange and Ginger oils.

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24 Reviews

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24 reviews
  1. R

    Rae Bright

    Thank you Holy Curls

    My fine curls love this shampoo! I am going to order the conditioner now as I am keen to start co washing and read how good the Holy curls conditioner is for this.

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  2. J

    Jill Gottlieb


    Love this shampoo. Foams well and starts to de tangle my hair whilst washing

    Hair Type: Kinky curls
  3. H


    Lives up to claims

    I love this shampoo. Was thinking of cutting my hair off before I tried as it was heavy and lifeless. This shampoo feels gloriously moisturising without weighing hair down. Will try the conditioner next! Can we have bigger sizes?

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  4. J


    Best shampoo ever

    Best shampoo I’ve ever used. Never use anything else now

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  5. S


    Healthier Hair

    Started using the holy curls shampoo, conditioner and mask and my hair feels so much healthier. Noticeably a lot less hair shedding every time I wash. And it smells great too! Might have to try the styling products next

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  6. J


    OMG !!! A product that actually works for curly hair

    OMG … I have finally found a shampoo that is perfect for my hair. I have curly hair that spirals and goes frizzy and dry very quickly. I have tried many Sulphate Free products but none of them have results like Holy Curls. My hair is now shiny, silky, soft, curly and spirals and not at all dry. I use this with Holy Curls Conditioner and my hair is gorgeous for up to 7 days. When used with Cream and Gel No 3&4 my curls are defined and shiny all week. The smell is worth a mention too …. it’s absolutely lovely.

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  7. M


    Best Shampoo I ever tried

    I suffer from really dry hair and most can’t use most shampoos. I was intrigued to try this shampoo as it’s meant to cleanse withouts stripping moisture. And seriously it does exactly that. My hair feels really soft and moisturised after I use it and it lathers amazingly and cleanses the hair properly. And all without any sulphates. Well done Holy Curls. I’m a fan for life!

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  8. E



    I’m so grateful for founding Holy Curls. I love the whole range, but thought to leave a review here on the Shampoo page as this is where I start my routine 🙂 I love the smell and the performance of the range. In love!

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  9. H



    Great shampoo! Really nice texture and the smell is great. Makes my curls nice and full.

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  10. A



    Shampoo had a lot a suds. Detailing was an ease. Smells so good. Soule citrus smell. Thick and creamy.

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  11. M


    Great Stuff!

    Will be ordering again.

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  12. A


    fab shampoo

    I have used this shampoo twice since my purchase, and my very fine, delicate and thin hair loves it. I have no breakage and my hair feels soft and is very easy to detangle, even before applying a conditioner. The 300ml bottle should be long lasting, as only a small amount is needed to give a good cleansing lather.
    I absolutely love the natural ingredients and smell, and now feel urged to try the conditioner. Fabulous shampoo.
    Good Luck HOLY-CURLS.

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Breakage
  13. C


    Amazing shampoo!

    This shampoo has made my hair so soft and kept it in great condition. Unlike other curl shampoos I have tried, it cleans really well, and it smells amazing! I only wish it came in a bigger bottle!

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  14. S

    Sammie C

    A shampoo by any other name is a shampoo NOT!! This is better

    I loved this shampoo. My hair did not feel stripped nor did it feel brittle I use shampoo maybe every two months but when I do this is what I reach for.

    Hair Type: Kinky curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  15. N

    Neusa Bonin


    I bought all four products, and I was amazed with the results. The shampoo made my curls more defined and soft.
    I finally found the right product for my hair.

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  16. I


    Sexy divine waves!

    This shampoo gives my hair LIFE! My hair feels super voluminous and it brings out the best of my waves! And you only need a small amount. The smell is divine. All the products together make feel like an Amazonian Goddess!

    Hair Type: Waves
  17. M



    So so great!! Love the shampoo and conditioner. Makes my curls pop and feel bounce.

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Limp Curls
  18. F


    Love the smell and works well for my wavy hair

    The Holy Curls range works amazing for me. Love the smell too! X

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  19. D


    Love these

    I love the shampoo. Personally I combine it with the gel. I got spiral curls and I looove the bounce they give!! Xxx

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  20. S


    Best shampoo ever!

    Finally, I’ve found the perfect shampoo for my curls. No more frizz and the smell is lovely. 10/10 strongly recommend!

    Hair Type: Tight curls
  21. I


    Smells amazing

    Ive been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 2 months now. The smell is amazing and I just love how little you need of the shampoo for a good wash! The gel works perfectly when I want defined curls! Highly recommended!!

  22. A


    Amazing result

    I have been using the Shampoo for 3 weeks now and it has been great. You only need a small amount of the shampoo for it to do its work. The smell is amazing too. I’m using it in combination with the combination and the gel to get the best result – thanks!

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
  23. O



    First time I’d tried the shampoo was actually by coincidence. I needed to borrow my friends shower because mine was broken, so I used some of her products.
    I got really impressed how smooth my hair felt and how nice it smelled.
    Now I’ve been using it for about 1.5 months and I can really feel the difference.
    I’m super happy that the products is 100% organic and vegan.
    Totally worth a try!!

    Hair Type: Waves
  24. J


    Love it

    The shampoo is amazing for my hair. My wavy curls feel amazing. I been combining it with the Holy Curls gel and can definitely recommend the combination