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7 ways to move into autumn with mindfulness


We’re urban babes at heart, but when it comes to our self-care routines, Mother Nature is our best guide. Nature teaches us so many things: harmony, beauty, resilience, hope. But most of all, she shows us how we exist in a cyclical world of never-ending transformation. 


From the dark and quiet winter to the bright and hopeful spring, to the loud and fun-filled summer to mystic magic of autumn. As humans, we can either get swept up by her shifting seasons or we can surrender into the beauty of change. Each season is a new opportunity for growth.


This autumn season brings winds of change. All around you, Mother Nature is shedding her leaves and transforming her colours, inspiring you to do the same. There’s a special magic in the air that’s asking you to let go of what no longer serves you, to turn inward and listen to the inner whispers of what your heart wants.


So take this as your invitation to slow down after the busyness of summer and come back to yourself with some intentional self care. Our bodies are especially sensitive during the shifts between seasons, so here are some things you can do to make the transition a little more mindful.


What kind of self-care do you really need right now?


Self-care isn’t self-care if you’re just running through the motions on auto-pilot. For it to really benefit your mind, body and soul, you need to release any guilt around it and appreciate the moment.

The first thing you need to do is identify what kind of self-care you really need by tuning into your current state. Feeling tired? Soak in the bath and totally relax your body, or try 10 minutes of meditation to energise your mind. Living alone and craving connection? Call up a friend and invite them over for dinner. Lacking inspiration? Pick up a book that’s been recommended by a friend or watch a film you’ve never seen before. 


Once you’ve figured out how you’re feeling, you’ll then know what will best support your wellbeing in this moment. Self-care means different things to everyone, but these are our self-care essentials to transition into autumn.


1. Schedule in some alone time


Even if you’re the most extroverted people-person out there, it’s still so important to give yourself some time away from socialising to just be with yourself. Not only will it help you to feel grounded after the summer madness, time alone will also help you to gain clarity on what you want from this season and how to achieve that.


2. Clear your space to make way for fresh energy


Whether it’s changing up the layout of your entire home or reorganising your sock drawer, do whatever you need to do to make your space feel new. As you declutter your home, you’ll be clearing away mental clutter in the process, leaving you feeling lighter and more at peace with yourself. You might want to burn some incense, put on a new playlist or open the windows to invite this fresh energy into your space.


3. Make rest your priority


As the days grow shorter and the air gets colder, it’s only natural to feel more tired during the autumn season. Make sure you’re getting good quality sleep by creating a mindful bedtime routine. Swap your nightly Netflix binge for some gentle stretching, reading or journalling to encourage a dreamy night’s sleep. And always listen to your body – even if you’re run off your feet, allow yourself to rest before you hit burnout.


4. Turn inwards to find the magic


Autumn is the season of the soul, where we find ourselves becoming more and more introspective. This can sometimes bring incredible insights, intuition and inspiration that guide us to where we need to be. Tune into this inner magic through journalling, vision boarding and meditation and see what comes up for you.


5. Assess your energy levels 


Where are you giving too much of yourself away? What areas of your life are demanding too much energy or time? Now is a good time to review your relationship with yourself and others after maybe falling out of alignment with yourself over the summer. Anything that you’ve outgrown, anything that no longer serves you, let it fall away like autumn leaves.


6. Set boundaries


Sometimes to protect your energy and support your wellbeing, you need to set some boundaries. That means saying no to people and events that drain your energy, being realistic with how much work you can take on and prioritising your self-care before the hectic holiday season begins.


7. Pamper yourself to the max


Self-care is so much more than bubble baths – but they’re a good place to start! Spoil yourself with at-home mani-pedis, homemade face masks, DIY hair treatments  and whatever other beauty rituals make you feel your best self.


So, how are you feeling? How can you best support yourself during this seasonal transition? We hope these tips will help you to move into autumn with self-compassion, confidence and clarity. x

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