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Ringlet curls are tighter than waves and wind themselves into springy ringlets. This hair type is usually easy to manage and style. However, the spiralled shape of the strands could force the cuticles open, making this curl type more vulnerable to dehydration. If they get too dry they can look dull and frizzy, so keeping them moisturised is key.


Your hair cuticles are tightly packed together, so they struggle to absorb water and your hair takes a long time to dry. Products tend to sit on top of your hair, causing buildup. Use heat when applying your deep conditioner to open up your cuticles for better absorption. You should prioritise emollients over proteins and stick to lightweight, liquid-based products.


Not too fine and not too coarse, these strands are generally strong and elastic. They are more resistant to damage than fine hair, and you can use a range of product textures.


These strands are the strongest hair texture, making them more resistant to damage and easier to maintain length. But coarse hair tends to be more prone to dryness, tangles and frizz. Make sure you’re using plenty of nourishing and moisture-boosting products with rich and creamy textures

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