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A head full of rambunctious z-shaped strands and super sized volume characterises this hair type. The structure of your hair can sometimes feel stiff and dense - especially if not properly hydrated. And if you pull out a strand, you’ll see that it is much longer than it looks. That’s because the densely packed Z shape causes the hair to shrink, making your hair appear much shorter than it really is. We recommend stretching your hair into twists, braids or knots while they’re drying to retain length as well as moisture. With tight coils it’s never just on the surface - they need deep hydration to soak into each strand.


Your hair cuticles are open and rough, meaning they absorb water easily but struggle to retain it. You need lots of dense, creamy products to moisture and nourish your hair, followed up with a sealant to keep the moisture locked in. Adding proteins will also help your hair hold onto moisture for longer.


Your hair is somewhere between thick and thin and some of your scalp is visible. You can use a variety of products depending on how much volume you want, making sure each section of your hair is evenly coated with the product.


These strands can be weak and easily damaged, so they need handling with care. Avoid over-brushing your hair and keep heat and chemical styling to a minimum to reduce the risk of breakage. Use lightweight styling products to avoid weighing your curls down.

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