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Why other creams don’t work

  • Humidity Havoc: Common creams fail to leverage humidity, letting it wreak havoc on coily hair which leads to frizz and undefined, puffy curls.
  • Inadequate Hydration: They sit on the hair's surface, providing minimal moisture that doesn't reach the hair's core, leaving curls thirsty and prone to damage.
  • Surface Coating: Many creams use heavy waxes and oils that coat the hair, giving the illusion of conditioning without actually strengthening the hair or locking in moisture.

How 'The Fro Cream' works

  • Film -forming, Omega Activation
    WaveMax™ is an incredible innovation for Afro-textured hair. Rich in chia and flaxseed it unleashes a wave of omega acids that penetrate deeply to condition the hair while also adhering to the hair fiber, forming a resistant and flexible coating, giving long lasting natural curls.
  • Humidity Harnessing
    XYLISHINE™ transforms what's typically a foe for coily hair into an ally. By turning humidity into hydration, it locks in moisture for shiny, bouncy, defined curls even in the most challenging climates.



Wavemax is rich in chia and flaxseed polysaccharides. It is an  active ingredient that adheres to the hair fibre, forming a flexible and resistant film – providing long lasting moisture and definition.


A hair moisturiser and repairing active that reinforces the deep moisturization of the hair fiber and enhances the shine of coily and curly hair types. This new ally for damaged hair is derived from natural sugars mainly from wood and from the brown algae, Pelvetia canaliculata.

Baobab Oil

Packed full of fatty acids and vital vitamins, including all three omegas, this wonder oil absorbs quickly into the hair to nourish, moisturise and soften.

Castor Oil

Increases shine and hair shaft flexibility by coating the hair shaft.

Cocoa Butter

Seals moisture into the hair strands and forms a protective barrier.


Apply on DRIPPING wet hair in small sections (moisture is key). 

Use your pretty fingers to rake & smooth from roots to ends. 

Re-wet sections if they start to dry. Perfect for twist/braid outs & wash and go


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

Highly recommend!! My low porosity type 4 hair usually doesn’t respond or necessarily like creams. But this cream is definitely different. My hair absorbs it almost immediately and I see my curls starting to form. I use this fro cream as a foundation and then top it off with gel and my curls are popped!

ive not ordered yet but..

can you use this on a mans afro or is it for women because id love to place an order but im not sure yet l just wanted to ask

Hello Wesley,

Thank you so much for getting in touch! Yes, The Fro Cream is absolutely for both men and women with Afro textured hair!

I hope that helps.

Dina Gorham
Magical ✨

The fro cream works like magic for my low porosity 3B hair. My hair is naturally very dry and I have looked for something to give me the moisturise my hair needs - this product is the ONE for that!

The curl definition is amazing!!

I started using this cream for a few months now and it's an absolute dream for my 3c high porosity curls. The definition it gives me is insaneee, but the best part is how long it lasts and ofc the beautiful packaging. I'm truly in love! 🤍

That's fantastic to hear Bella!! Thank you so much. You made our day!!!

Beautiful packaging, incredible cream

This cream totally changed my hair care routine, my hair is tightly coiled and dries out within hours when using other products, after using The Fro Cream, that was the first time I had honestly experienced moisture being held in my hair throughout the ENTIRE day with no visible residue sat on my afro. Absolute game changer.

Thank you Paige! These are such great words!! We love how well the products work for your hair xx

Guaranteed results or get 100% your money back:

First, try The Fro Cream for 30 days:
It's on us!That's 30 days of intense nourishing and curl-revival. We're truly confident you'll love your hair or...

... Get 100% your money back, no hassle, no questions asked
The Fro Cream will detangle, moisturise and define your curls or we will refund you to the last penny with no questions asked. Simply email us and we'll sort it out quickly for you.


Absolutely! Holy Curls was born from the personal challenges our founder, Badria, faced in caring for her type 4 hair. Collaborating with a team of trichologists and skilled formulators, she dedicated herself to creating high-performance products that genuinely deliver results. The products went through years of rigorous testing and refining before launching. 

We're confident that you will see results from the very first time you use the products. However, just as a fitness routine yields results with regular practice, your curls thrive when treated to a consistent care routine. So, embrace the power of routine, and watch as your curls transform into their healthiest, most vibrant selves.

While mainstream brands offer surface level solutions, we focus on effectiveness at the molecular level. We formulate with cutting-edge, carefully selected ingredients that actively contribute to the health and resilience of your curls. Our dedication to research and development ensures that each product brings real, long-lasting results for those seeking more than just superficial solutions for their hair.

We want you to fall in love with Holy Curls, but if for any reason you find yourself less than delighted with your purchase, we offer a hassle-free refund policy. Just reach out to us on within 30 days of receiving your order, and we will sort this out for you. 

Absolutely! Customers receive 100% of their money back, no hassle, no questions asked. 

Never! All return shipping costs are on us. We want your experience to be seamless from start to finish. 

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