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Stay Calm This Christmas With These Self-Care Tips

Ah, Christmas. What was once a day that stirred our younger selves to excitement can now bring up a whole host of other emotions in our adult minds – stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and our dear friend, FOMO. But what if we were to stay calm instead? 

As much as we love the festive season and the joy it can bring, things aren’t always so sparkly when you have so much to do, people to see and places to be. At one point, it can all get a bit too much, right babe?

So, if you’re feeling stressed and overloaded this Christmas, stay calm and connected to yourself with these top tips. Bye-bye burnout and au-revoir overwhelm; it’s time to make this the season of self-care.


Be intentional with your time and energy this season

All sorts of pressures can build up at this time of year. Socialising, buying gifts, hosting family, attending traditions and seasonal events… Before you get caught up in the Christmas chaos, take a moment to ask yourself how you really want to spend this season. Looking past the ‘shoulds’, what does your soul yearn for? Are you craving quiet cosiness by yourself, or connection with other people? Maybe you’ve had it with the virtual meet-ups and you’re deciding to prioritise in-person quality time with your loved ones instead. Whatever you want to focus on this season, make sure it’s aligned with your values. That way, there’s less chance that you’ll get burned out and overwhelmed.


Make space between the noise to stay calm

As much as we love a good get-together, too much busyness can spin us off balance. That’s why it’s so important to allow yourself time to slow down and soothe your nervous system after all the stimuli of social events. This could be a long bath, going out for a walk or simply sitting down and connecting to your breath. Whatever makes you feel more grounded and connected to yourself, prioritise that. And remember, babe, if you could really do without yet another work do/family Zoom call/girls night out, you’re allowed to say ‘no’ (which is really saying ‘yes’ to yourself).


Hey babe, want to add more mindfulness into your daily life? Here are five tips to help you do just that.


Boost your mood with fresh air and natural light

With shorter days, less sunlight and colder temperatures, it’s hard to find the motivation to get outside during these dark winter months. But when you’re spending most of your time indoors and not getting enough fresh air, it can take its toll on your mental and physical health. Set an intention to get your daily dose of natural light and make the most of those beautiful crisp winter mornings to go out for a walk. Not only will it regulate your circadian rhythms and help you sleep better, the exercise will boost all those feel-good happy hormones, invigorating your mind and lifting your spirits.


Whilst you’re out there, try these grounding techniques to bring your closer to nature.


Be mindful of what you consume

With Christmas comes overconsumption – in every sense of the word. But as well as eating and spending too much, we also need to be aware of how much we consume online. Scrolling the night away on social media and watching what everyone else is up to might give you serious FOMO, whilst reading the news stories of the world will only make you feel stressed out and anxious. Think about creating some screen-free rituals that allow you to disconnect to reconnect and stay calm.


Count your blessings

Practising gratitude is one of our favourite mindfulness exercises because it’s simple yet so effective. When the stresses of the season start to get to you, take a step back and regain some perspective. Reflect on all the things that are going well in your life right now, from the smallest wins to the biggest victories. Appreciate any time you get to spend with your family or friends. And remind yourself of anything you feel grateful for. You’ll soon realise that when you’re living from a place of gratitude, it’s impossible to feel stressed.


So babe, how are you doing? How can you be kinder to yourself this season? We hope these tips will help you to find peace of mind and sparks of joy this Christmas. x

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