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The secret to amazing curls? Me of course. Made with baobab oil, cocolove - aka coconut oil - and shea butter, I’ll keep moisture on lock and your curls poppin’ like pink champagne.

Sulphate free
Cruelty free
100% vegan
Baobab oil

Baobab oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit that blooms on the trees and is an amazing hair conditioner. It absorbs quickly and leaves your hair feeling soft and moisturised. Rich in nutrients containing all three omega fatty acids: omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as some rare fatty acids and a host of vitamins. They don’t call it the Tree of Life for nothing

Coconut oil

Extracted from the kernel of matured coconut with emollient and moisturising properties. Keeps your hair soft and shiny. Keeps your skin on point too.

Shea butter

An amazing skin and hair emollient containing high levels of oleic fatty acid and skin healing properties.

Yucca Extract

Concentrated natural extract of the Mohave Yucca Plant. It is an emollient that contains natural saponins which can be used as a natural cleanser. It soothes and nourishes the scalp and some say it cures dandruff and promotes hair growth.

Essential oils

Fragranced with Sweet orange, Davana, Lime, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin Orange and Ginger oils.


Use in the shower as a part of your wash routine. This means putting it on as soon as you’ve rinsed your conditioner off while your hair is dripping wet. Do it in sections if your hair is super curly to make sure it’s covering all of your hair. Follow up with the 04 Gel if you want extra hold. For extra moisture, follow up with your favourite oil.

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17 Reviews

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17 reviews
  1. C


    Leave in cream

    I had this product shipped to Sweden since I heard it was so good and I can strongly recommend it. I have it for my daughters hair and she just loves it. Best cream ever and actually the only cream that works really well

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  2. L



    Great product

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  3. F

    Fatou sonko


    I heard so musch good about this conditioning. So excited to try it!

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  4. S



    So hard to find a product what actually works! But this and the gel worked amazing couldn’t be anymore happier!! My curls look and feel fab!

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  5. I

    Isabella Depreli

    Best curl cream!

    I only started wearing my hair curly last year and have tried and tested a few curl creams since then. This is one of the nicest I’ve tried, gives my curls lovely ringlets without being greasy or heavy.

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Limp Curls
  6. C


    Amazing product!

    Such a good product! Smells lovely and gives me amazing defined curls – I use the Holy Curls Gel after.

    Would definitely recommend!

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  7. J


    Love love love

    Absolutely love this , it made my curls look so fresh and nice definitely recommend!

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Damaged
  8. R


    Amazing products!

    Along with the curl gel and washing my hair upside down, these products have made a huge difference to my curl textures and reduced my frizz. They have actually let me air-dry my hair and have it look good.

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  9. E


    Soft and defined

    I’m buying my second lot of the holy curls set. My curls are left so defined, shiny and smell divine. I never used gel because I hate how sticky and stiff they can make curls but there’s none of that with this gel. Plus the packaging and branding is on point

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  10. L

    Lina Caicedo

    Really nice product

    I\'m always looking for hold when styling my hair but also want moisture and to feel like my hair looks natural, which is why I prefer using a cream like texture as opposed to gel.
    The texture of this cream is nice, a gentle and subtle fragrance, keeps moisture locked in, as well as hold. Easy to use.

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
  11. H


    The DREAM

    OMG. Loove the cream. I tried the range by buying the discovery kit. I just had to leave a review for the Cream is it’s my favorite of the bunch. Together with the Conditioner and Gel they are perfect for me (and my curls LOL)

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  12. S


    So happy!

    I saw Holy Curls come by in Stylist magazine and thought to give them a chance.
    I’m so so happy I found this range. I’m reviewing the Cream, but really I love the entire range. The definition is insane!!

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  13. L


    5 stars!

    I got dry tight curls and was really on the lookout for a cream to give the moisture it needs. So happy I found it! I combine it with the conditioner and Gel. Xxx

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  14. W

    Whitney Bryan

    My new staple product

    I was a bit hesitant at first on whether or not this would work on my 4C hair, but all that hesitation went out the window once I used it. Great moisture that lasts for days, especially if I use the gel too.

    Hair Type: Kinky curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  15. K


    Great for 4c hair

    New staple for me. I have very dry 4c hair and this cream moisturises amazingly. It also has this great slip to it thought its oil based. Love it!

    Hair Type: Kinky curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  16. N


    Defined and controled

    The Holy Curls cream is great for my hair. I got tight curls and they felt defined and controlled as I got Frizzy hair quickly. Would recommend!

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  17. K



    Looove the moisture. Especially great with the gel. I apply while my hair is still wet to get the best results. Love it

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
  18. L


    Amazing product

    I love this cream. I have very tight,dry curls and personally need oil based products which this cream is. Also love that it has slip to it.

    Hair Type: Tight curls