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Tight Curls

Bouncy, buoyant and pretty damn cool, tight curls are the rascal kids on the curly block. Hydrated it’s full of spring, stretch and unparalleled volume. Unhydrated it quickly falls into a fit of disobedient frizz. With tight curls it’s never just on the surface. This curl needs deep hydration to soak into each strand.


Tight Curls Love

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Oils like Coconut and Baobab add moisture, nourishment and shine to your curls.

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Cupuaçu butter is one of nature's most superior moisturisers. The Amazonian superfruit has a water-retention capacity of 240 percent its own weight which is exactly what this hair type needs.

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Humectants like panthenol, vegetable glycerin and aloe vera add moisture and shine into each curl and keep your hair healthy and looking its best.

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Holy Tip

If your curls are very tight and thick, add your favorite oil to lock in moisture once you’ve applied the 03 Cream and 04 Gel.