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300ML Perfectly defined curls. Every. Damn. Day. Gelled with natural gum and enriched with baobab and coconut oil.  
Sulphate free
Cruelty free
100% vegan
Baobab oil

Baobab oil is extracted from the seeds of the fruit that blooms on the trees and is an amazing hair conditioner. It absorbs quickly and leaves the hair feeling soft and moisturised. Rich in nutrients containing all three omega fatty acids: omega 3, 6 and 9, as well as some rare fatty acids and a host of vitamins. They don’t call it the Tree of Life for nothing.

Coconut oil

Extracted from the kernel of matured coconut with emollient and moisturising properties. Keeps your hair soft and shiny. Keeps your skin on point too.

Aloe vera leaf gel

This amazing plant promotes shine and moisture in hair while preventing hair loss and dandruff.

Essential oil

Fragranced with Sweet orange, Davana, Lime, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin Orange and Ginger oils.


Apply on wet hair in sections either on top of the 03 Cream or on its own if your curls are very fine. Scrunch the ends up using a microfibre towel or t-shirt to squeeze the water out and help curl formation. Tip your hair forward when dry and scrunch up to release them BOMB curls.

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19 Reviews

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19 reviews
  1. L



    I love this gel because it feels so light and natural but still gives the curls good hold. Amazing!

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  2. R


    Love this gel for my fine hair

    Thank you Holy Curls, me and my fine curly hair love your gel. Thank you also to my curly hair hairdresser for recommending it!

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Lack of Volume
  3. D


    Love showing off my curls now!

    I used to straighten my hair religiously before this product, and was tired of wasting my money on expensive products that didn’t work. I read about Holy Curls on Stylist and have been a loyal customer ever since – 3 years now. Love everything about this gel – it smells divine and more importantly, natural. It’s non greasy, it leaves my curls defined, bouncy, crunch and frizz-free. I love wearing my hair natural these days, people have even been saying they did realise I had curly hair before!

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  4. R


    Made me like my hair

    Having had dreads for 25 years, I have had to take some out due to traction alopecia. I am trying to adjust to the new me. This product and the ‘I got you’ has really helped. It smells divine and is helping my soul. Thank you x

    Hair Type: Waves
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  5. S


    great moisturising gel

    i have very thick dry wavy curly hair. this gel tames the whole thing beautifully- applied when wet i get none of the usual dry/frizz and when used to refresh the style, it puts moisture back into particularly the ends of my hair. thank you Holy curls, now to try the rest of the products…..

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  6. C

    Chloe King

    Perfect for curls

    I love this gel. It smells amazing and holds my curls without creating a cast and making them hard, and natural and cruelty free! Will definitely try more products

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  7. E

    Elena Prastitis

    Only OK

    This product smells amazing, and I was really excited to receive it after reading all the glowing reviews. But it only does an OK job at dealing with frizz – I’ve used better, less expensive products.

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  8. R


    Love this!

    Along with the curl cream and washing my hair upside down, these products have made a huge difference to my curl textures and reduced my frizz. The gel is really good at defining my curls but leaving them soft.

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Limp Curls
  9. C


    Once you go holy you never go back

    Since using these products (the gel is my fave but I use ALL of them) my hair has never been so full, glowing and curly!!

    I never knew I had such pretty curls until I started changing everything I knew about caring for my hair. From the foods I eat to using cold water to wash it and everything in between. (Curly girl method, natural diy hair masks etc.)


    Holy Curls IS the cherry on the pie of my perfect curls. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who has a big or small curls!!

    !!When you are in doubt here is your sign to go for it !!

    The service is also out of this world and I’m a fan for life. ❤️❤️❤️

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  10. M


    lifechanging product

    Amazing product. It really transformed my curls from the first time I used it. It also smells amazing and I love the fact that it doesn’t have any sulphates in it. Also it doesn’t make my hair hard or oily as a lot of other gels do. I think that’s because the consistency is more liquidy.
    I really recommend and would 100% buy again. Thankyou Holy Curls!!

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Limp Curls
  11. J


    My Curls are loving this Gel

    My georgeous curls are lasting for days! So happy I gave the gel a go. I tried it in combination with the Cream and it’s like a combi made in curl heaven 😀

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Damaged
  12. N


    My favourite if the bunch

    Works really well for my wavy curls. So happy!

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Lack of Volume
  13. K


    Loving these!

    Saw Jorja Smith used these and thought Ill give it a go. Tried it together with the cream. I applied while my hair was very wet and it worked a treat ❤

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
    Hair Concern: Frizzy
  14. Z


    Best Gel Ever

    I seriously love this gel. It has a hold but not too much. Consistency is really slippery in a sort of natural way and it feels somehow like you\'re putting something healthy in your hair. The definition it gives my curls is amazing and it smells divine. 10/10!!

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Limp Curls
  15. N



    This cream is great for my wavy curls! Loving the moisture it gives. XX

    Hair Type: Wavy curls
  16. P


    Love this gel

    This gel is my new fav. It has a slight hold but doesn’t make your hair crispy and it keeps my curls moisturised for days. Also use a bit in water spray to refresh. Amazing smell too!

    Hair Type: Spiral curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  17. A


    Works great

    I apply when still wet like they suggest to use it and it works a treat! V happy. Wuld recommend

    Hair Type: Tight curls
    Hair Concern: Dryness
  18. J


    Amazing - personal fav

    I love the gel. It’s my favourite from the Holy Curls range. The curl memory is amazing – it last for days!


    Hair Type: Spiral curls
  19. C


    Love these!

    Loving the whole range, but the gel especially. Amazing definition in my curls and the products smell great too.