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Rebellious, rambunctious and simply mesmerising! The Spiral Coil is all about super sized volume. The coily texture has a defined and springy S pattern about as thick as a pencil. Your hair is generally well defined, but can be prone to dryness and frizz on a daily basis. It can also shrink by up to half the length when it goes from wet to dry. Make sure to load up on nourishing oils, and remember to keep that moisture sealed into each strand by using humectants.


Your hair cuticles are tightly packed together, so they struggle to absorb water and your hair takes a long time to dry. Products tend to sit on top of your hair, causing buildup. Use heat when applying your deep conditioner to open up your cuticles for better absorption. You should prioritise emollients over proteins and stick to lightweight, liquid-based products.


Also known as thick hair, high density means that your strands are tightly packed together and your scalp is not visible unless you pull sections of your hair apart. Use heavier creams, butters, or gels to hold your hair together, making sure you apply enough product to coat all strands evenly.


These strands can be weak and easily damaged, so they need handling with care. Avoid over-brushing your hair and keep heat and chemical styling to a minimum to reduce the risk of breakage. Use lightweight styling products to avoid weighing your curls down.

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