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What my hair means to me

“To be honest, I should be paying a lot more attention to my curls in terms of having the ends cut and buying product that is MADE for curls, but so far I’ve gotten by with washing and combing my hair with conditioner every three days.

What My Hair Means to Me: I’m in love with my hair. I love what it looks like and I love how it makes me feel. Taking a shower and having my hair fall in front of my eyes, that’s my favourite, haha. I also really like the reactions I get from people. Different hairstyles also bring different personalities almost. My fro was much bigger before I moved to CPT and, at my first job, I don’t think anyone knew my real name. They only ever called me MJ or Michael [Jackson].

When I had my sides shaved and I was rocking my man bun, I felt more slick and edgy, and it affected how I dressed. I also had a bunch of people saying ‘has anyone ever told you that you look like Prince?’ which is the ultimate compliment.

I had this moment of courage when I shaved all my hair off almost exactly a year ago and it felt fucking weird but I loved it. Got over that very quickly though and just started missing my hair. Now I’m back to the fro and I’m feeling a lot more like Jimi Hendrix. I’m wearing very vintage psychedelic shirts (like the one in the picture) and the music that I’m making (I’m a musician) even feels different. In conclusion, I’m all about curly hair and I will represent for the fro until the day I die…
…or go bald, whichever comes first.”

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